PPAHS Patient Safety Podcasts & Videos explore safety issues and ways to improve health outcomes. Focusing on opioid safety (pain management), venous thromboembolism (blood clots), and alarm management (noise fatigue), the PPAHS Patient Safety Podcasts and Videos offer in-depth interviews with thought leaders, researchers, patients, and health care professionals from the field to bring a diverse set of perspectives on patient safety issues.



  • Tyler’s Story: A Deadly PCA Medical Error

    Tyler was 18-years old when he died following a successful routine procedure in hospital. His mother, Victoria Ireland, tells the heartbreaking story of how he succumbed to opioid-induced respiratory depression while on a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump. To view the video, please click here.
  • Case Studies Illustrating the Value of Capnography

    Dr. Melissa Langhan (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, at Yale School of Medicine) – discusses the value of monitoring with capnography in these patient case studies.
  • Ensuring child safety during common medical procedures

    Dr. Melissa Langhan (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, at Yale School of Medicine) – “Unfortunately, continuous capnography is not routinely used outside of the operating room. Capnography can really enhance patient safety, and healthcare professionals need to think about using it more often. As our study found, using capnography enhanced patient safety, by being able … Read More
  • Rising Maternal Death Rate

    Peter Cherouny, M.D., Emeritus Professor, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, University of Vermont, Chair and Lead Faculty: IHI Perinatal Improvement Community, outlines reasons why the maternal death rate is climbing, pointing to the PPAHS OB VTE Safety Recommendations as part of the solution.
  • Sleep Apnea + Opiods = Post-Surgical Preventable Death: The John LaChance Story

    Patricia LaChance: “After undergoing what most people would consider a routine surgery, my husband John, died. Just as heartbreaking as John’s passing was to me is the fact that his death was entirely preventable.“

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  2. Sheree R. Thein

    I’m looking for an interview you all did with a male doctor or respiratory therapist (??) associated with the hospital in Georgia that has such a good record regarding adverse events caused by opioid overdoses. It’s a fairly long interview and he was really convincing regarding the advantage of using capnography and not just using pulse oximeters with the patients receiving opioids. Is there any chance you could respond to my email address with a link to that interview? Thank you!

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